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9 September, 2019

The Construction of the Pátria – Argo 500 kV high voltage line is completed. The largest energy transmission work performed by Cobra Brasil

This project corresponds to the construction of the transmission facilities granted by the Brazilian National Electricity Agency to Argo Transmissora de Energia S.A. (Client) The installation consists of 1,152 km of 500 kV lines, with 4 conductors per phase and 5 substations also of 500 kV: SE Bacabeira, SE Parnaíba III, SE Acaraú III. SE Pecém II, SE Tianguá II. It is the largest transmission work executed by Cobra through 3 States and 42 Municipalities in Brazil.

It was contracted by Argo to Cobra Brasil as a complete turnkey project, which includes all the engineering, execution of civil works, electromechanical assemblies, cable laying and all start-up tests.

The construction took 16 months and all of it had its own personnel; a total of 5,041

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