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10 October, 2018


Proyectos Obtenidos
Presupuesto Cobra
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GRIDSOL incorporates different renewable energy technologies together in a hybrid electrical power generation plant capable of providing firmness to the electrical system through flexible production and network stability.

Throughout the project different configurations for Smart Renewable Hubs (hybrid generation plants), were evaluated through the combination of different technologies such as CSP, PV, wind, batteries, biogas turbines and HYSOL.
Among the configurations evaluated is GRIDSOL (CSP + PV + HYSOL+ batteries) based on hybrid solar plants. This configuration will be further evaluated in locations with high levels of sunshine.

The principal points of innovation developed during the GRIDSOL project are the Dynamic Output Manager of Energy (DOME) and the concept of the CSP multi-tower plant. DOME will permit the design of plants equipped with different renewable technologies that are adaptable to the requirements of the system operator and will provide a seamless delivery of energy. As far as the multi-tower concept is concerned this increases the efficiency of CSP plants, reduces the technology costs and increases the modular nature of the plants.

The main aim of the GRIDSOL project is the design of hybrid power generation plants. These power plants will store energy to give greater flexibility and improve the competitive edge of renewable technologies by achieving an optimum technical-economic production and providing added value compared to conventional energy sources.

COBRA will be responsible both leading the management of the project and for the publication and communication of the project’s principal results.

Project website:

“The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 727362”
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